How YOU can Become an Instructor at School of Liberty
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Every student an Activist.
Every activist a Teacher.

Train the next generation, Grow your activist team,
Recruit future candidates!

--No teaching experience needed
--Three levels of instructor possible
--You might even get paid
Certified Liberty Instructor
1)  No enrollment or video purchase needed, just the book
2)  No papers to write, no grades, no teaching experience needed
3)  Just send one 25 to 40 word email after each chapter
4)  Engage with all 30 chapters, by sending 30 emails to
5)  BOOM! You’re a certified liberty instructor, able to teach the book

Licensed Liberty Instructor
1) First be Certified Liberty Instructor
2) Enroll in our video course 
3) Email your request for license to
4) BOOM! We may approve your license to display our videos to your group.  (Just do not share logins)
5) No teaching experience needed, just press play and watch as a group
6) Lead small group discussions
7) Suggested you meet 2x per month, Show 3 videos = done in just 1+ hours
8) Pass the hat to cover your costs
Master Liberty Instructor
1) By invitation only. No promises.
2) First get Certified and Licensed 
3) Email us your formal resume:
4) Continue to display videos in your group, Lead small group discussions
5) Send us "proof of crowd" : Group photo of students holding sign that says “School of Liberty, City, State”
6) Email us simple course attendance rosters (Name, City, State) to compare to our online homework completions
7) BOOM! We might hire you and pay you as a Master Liberty Instructor! 

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